A biography of pushkin and his work

Pushkin was deeply offended, all the more because he was convinced that it was conferred, not for any quality of his own, but only to make it proper for the beautiful Mme.

Alexander Pushkin

Translated into all the major languages, his works are regarded both as expressing most completely Russian national consciousness and as transcending national barriers.

It was adapted for the stage and film, and is still widely read today. March 3, Brocton, New York Died: His novel in verse, Yevgeny Onegin, was the first Russian work to take contemporary society as its subject and pointed the way to the Russian realistic novel of the midth century.

Pushkina loved the attention which her beauty attracted in the highest society; she was fond of "coquetting" and of being surrounded by admirers, who included the Tsar himself.

Inhe published his first long poem, Ruslan and Ludmilawith much controversy about its subject and style. In he had written the historical tragedy drama Boris Godunov; One day some indefatigable monk Will find my conscientious, unsigned work; Like me, he will light up his ikon-lamp And, shaking from the scroll the age-old dust, He will transcribe these tales in all their truth.

InPushkin married the strikingly beautiful Natalie Goncharova with whom he would have four children; Alexander, Grigory, Maria, and Natalia. After an investigation the showed Pushkin had been behaving himself, he was summoned to leave immediately for an audience with Nicholas I.

Pushkin became a Freemason in Kishinev where he lived for three years before moving to Odessa with the help of influential friends.

LeskovYesenin and Gorky. Pushkin challenged him to a duel and both suffered wounds, Pushkin succumbing to his two days later, on 29 January When the Decembrist Uprising took place in Petersburg on December 14,Pushkinstill in Mikhailovskoye, was not a participant.

It is generally believed that he dedicated this poem to Anna Kernbut there are other opinions. It is a "novel" about life at that time, constructed in order to permit digressions the moving away from the main subject in literary works and a variety of incidents and tones.

Exile in the south For these political poems, Pushkin was banished from St. The development of the action on two planes, one political and historical, the other psychological, is masterly and is set against a background of turbulent events and ruthless ambitions.

He was always short of money.

Aleksandr Pushkin

Nadezhda Gannibalova — mother of the poet Pushkin exam at lyceum Early life[ edit ] Born in Moscow, Pushkin published his first poem at In Mikhailovskoye Pushkin was under double supervision by both civic and spiritual, besides he was bailed by his own parents.

Then Chagall went to Vitebsk to visit Bella and his relatives. His novel in verse, Yevgeny Onegin, was the first Russian work to take contemporary society as its subject and pointed the way to the Russian realistic novel of the midth century. All the youth is reading it!

Aleksandr Pushkin Biography

Sent first to Yekaterinoslav now Dnipropetrovsk, Ukrainehe was there taken ill and, while convalescing, traveled in the northern Caucasus and later to Crimea with General Rayevski, a hero ofand his family.Pushkin left Petersburg for Ekaterinoslave on May 6, Soon after his arrival then he travelled around the Caucasus and the Crimea with the family of General Rayevsky.

During almost three years in Kishinev, Pushkin wrote his first Byronic verse tales, "The prisoner of the Caucasus" (), "The Bandit Brothers" (). Alexander Pushkin. Biography of Alexander Pushkin and a searchable collection of works.

Early years.

Anton Chekhov

Boris Godunov was the most noted member of an ancient, now extinct, Russian family of Tatar origin (), which came from the Horde to Kostroma in the early 14th century. This legend is written in the annals dating from early 17th century.

He was descended from the Tatar Prince Chet, who went from the Golden Horde to Russia. Anton Chekhov. Biography of Anton Chekhov and a searchable collection of works. Brief Biography Childhood Moishe Segal was born on the 6th of July in Vitebsk in a simple Jewish family. His father Zakhar was a loader employed by a herring merchant, his mother Feige-Ite ran a little shop, his grand.

Who Was Nicholas II? Nicholas II was born on May 6, (from the Julian calendar, which was used in Russia until ) in Pushkin, Russia. He inherited the throne when his father, Alexander III.

A biography of pushkin and his work
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