Civil rights movement writing assignments

Frederick Douglass is an influential figure in American history becauseā€¦ What would it have been like to be present for the emancipation proclamation speech? Malcolm X is well known for being another leader in the movement, though his views were drastically different.

It involves the beginning of equality and Justice in America. United States was one case that helped the cause of the Civil Rights Movement. What was Black Power? Movement, discuss how you would respond to the questions: Do you think it was fair that black and white children had to attend separate schools?

The outcome of the case stated that it was constitutional for the state to segregate its railroad cars. Point out the dates, events, and pictures displayed. He was greatly influence by Gandhi when it came to the non-violence in his movement.

Now share the events and dates that students will research: Who created this document? As they neared the Edmund Pettus Bridge, they were blocked by Alabama state and local police.

The Civil Rights Movement was a success in two ways. Why do we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.

Need Help-HIST 120: Civil Rights Movement Assignment

The assignment may be typed or hand-written. Have the class recite the word and its definition. Refusing to stand down, protestors moved forward and were viciously beaten and teargassed by police and dozens of protestors were hospitalized. The contrast brought more attention to he movement, and although Malcolm X and his followers had different techniques and ideas on how to achieve civil rights, they ultimately wanted the same thing, and were part of the same movement.

How do we account for urban riots in the 60s? Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus and W. His background in religion gave him a sense of morality and the ability to see the difference between hat is right and what is wrong. This would be considered segregation: What does it say about the events underway at the time?

How are the tone, perspective, and purpose of this document similar to or different than others I have read on this topic? Many people at the time felt very strongly that blacks were not as good as whites, and that the blacks did not deserve anything more than they had.

Divide students into five groups for research and timeline activities. This was made possible by the fact that the courts were passing laws, and the outcomes of legal cases began eliminating injustices.

More thanpeople, black and white, congregated in Washington, D.Many minority groups yearned for equal rights, and people found that public demonstration was a way to inform others of the need for change.

In response to this extremely tough time, the Civil Rights Movement began. -Background information about the person or the event. Write in the middle of your poster at least a paragraph explaining what happened and why the event was important to the Civil Rights Movement.-When and where the event took place.

Include the city, state, day, month, and year.

The American Civil Rights Movement assignment

-Photos of other art images of the person/event. The civil rights movement changed the world because George Washington Carver is an important figure in history because The bonds between slaves and some sympathetic plantation hands was.

Civil Rights Movement, Primary Document Analysis. Due Tuesday Feb. 10 points for writing assignment, 5 points for discussion participation. Choose one of the following primary sources to analyze in pages.

The assignment may be typed or hand-written. The American Civil Rights Movement Outline Introduction Thesis: The Civil Rights Movement was the beginning of true Justice for African Americans in the United States, but it may not have been possible without strong opposition, specific outcomes of legal cases, and great leaders.

A list of books recommended by Teaching for Change for K for about the history of the modern Civil Rights Movement. More lessons, books, films, and websites The Zinn Education Project provides free downloadable lessons and a database of books, films, and websites for the classroom.

Civil rights movement writing assignments
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