What the pledge of allegiance means to me essay

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What The Pledge Of Allegiance Means To Me

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Aubrey's Essays for English Class: 7th Grade

The United States was not, is not, and hopefully never will be a Christian nation. After many days of fighting, the American soldiers were discouraged.

What The Pledge Of Allegiance Means To Me

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Therefore, our country is one because everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Recalling socialist catch phrases and Christian proverbs, he labors and labors; but then suddenly he stops.

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Also there was the fifteen star and fifteen stripe Star Spangled Banner Flag. That plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was heading for the White House and would of have made it if was not for the brave men and women on board that stopped the terrorists from carrying out another horrific event.

I really do love my life and myself, and I hope you do too. Because of this tough sacrifice of enduring the horrors of war, we can hang out with our friends, watch TV, and have cell phones to talk to our friends.

In many countries they cannot do that because they do not have freedom. To many people from other parts of the world, the United States of America is the perfect country, mainly because the citizens have freedoms and are shown justice.

Youths tell ‘What the Pledge of Allegiance Means to Me’

Veterans Day means to me are the brave men and women who fought and are still fighting for the United States of America. You can go to your friends for help and advise, or just to have fun.On Monday evening, in honor of the 17th annual Celebration of Freedom, parents, youth and community members gathered in the El Dorado High School auditorium to honor veterans and recognize the winners of the "What the Pledge of Allegiance means to me" essay contest, which is sponsored by the El Dorado Elks Lodge In conclusion, this essay demonstrates what the the Pledge of Allegiance means to me.

We all should remember through the Pledge of Allegiance that we the United States stands together as one and we should honor those who have been fighting in. Mar 09,  · The Pledge of Allegiance means three things to me: I live in a republic, where I have rights and freedoms that many people are denied.

Our country was founded on God-given values, thus “one nation under God”. The prominent American clergyman and. The Debate About What Does The Pledge Of Allegiance Mean allegiance the means pledge to what me essay of To Me Essay, spm essay money can buy happiness forbes, cover letter examples for hedge fund.

These words can have different meanings. Introduction. A group can push ideals against a nation. Mar 09,  · The Pledge of Allegiance is important. It sums up what the U.S.A.

is all about. It is what Americans have fought for in the past, and will continue to fight for whenever the flag, and all the things it represents, are violated. What the Pledge of Allegiance says makes me proud to be an American.

This year the theme was ‘What the Pledge of Allegiance Means to Me’; over 40 students participated in the contest. Six essays were selected as the local winners. The fifth and sixth graders chosen were Dalton Proctor, Haylee West, and Alyssa Smith.

What the pledge of allegiance means to me essay
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